The following is a brief outline of the presentation agenda used during the Spotlight Session time at the National Educational Computing Conference in San Antonio, TX.
Welcome to all session attendees who join this wiki. We presenters would love to have your comments and additional input into the resources we have compiled here for you.

11:00-11:08 AM
Opening: [Larry (with Lucy assisting)] [8 mins]
• Introduce the topic
• Explain that it's for beginners; assume "zero knowledge"
• Introduce panelists [Larry & Lucy]
• Agenda -- and who will cover which portion
• Questions & comments will be taken at end of session. Further, attendees may submit questions for the panel by writing questions/comments on a sheet of paper and submitting them to Larry during the presentation [alternate: set up a wiki for the session and monitor input]
• Update: Lucy Gray established this wiki, so she will take a few moments to explain to attendees how to find the wiki, how to use the wiki for information, and how to contribute to the wiki. Plus, she will inform attendees regarding the "shelf life" of this wiki.
• Any items not covered then and there will be answered by responding to an email address that the attendee provides to Larry

What is podcasting? (Podcasting 101) [Julene, Dan, Ted] [9 mins]
• History (verrry brief); narrowcasting (rather than broadcasting); platform independent
• Definition(s); terms/nomenclature (RSS; feed; syndication; XML; etc.) {others???}
• Concept of subscribing (audio file vs. podcast)
• Terms: podcasts vs. episodes
• Many forms of casting (podcast; enhanced podcast; video podcast; screencast; mobile podcasting solutions; maybe, photocast)

Relationship to blogs [Steve] [4 mins]
• Show notes
• Difference between an audioblog and a podcast
• Blogs as conversations vs. Podcasts and audio comments
• Collaborative weblogs vs. collaborative podcasts
• Here are some blogging engines that can host podcasts:
~ Blogger --
~ WordPress --
~ Class Blogmeister --

Podcatchers [ Julene] [5 mins]
• iTunes™ is most highly recommended
• Examples from iTunes™ (interactive, perhaps)
• How to find podcasts & episodes

Podcasting's Value in student learning [Dan, Ted] [8 mins]
• Keeping Balance: The 80:20 Ratio / Assessment
• The Power of Audience
• Individual Academic Explorations
• Project work and examples (quickly!!!)
• Collaborative Class Podcasts
• Distributed Podcasts
• Emphasis: value of podcasting and iPod as 21st Century learning tools (as well as 21st Century skills: collaboration, etc.)

Equipment required [Tim, Steve, Larry] [5 mins]
• From simple to complex
• Recommendations for starters
• Mics, mixers, headphones, mic stands, digital recorders, ...
• Unconventional equipment (phones, digital cameras, PDA's)
• Make your own Pop Screen

Software required [Tim, Dan] [4 mins]
• Mac solutions ~ GarageBand ~ Amadeus, Audacity, Ubercaster, Video Cue Pro, etc.
• Podcast Producer - (for those with Apple Xserves)
• Windows solutions
• Web-based (ex: Podomatic)

Hosting [Steve, Larry] [6 mins]
• Libsyn -- $5/mo. for 100 Meg storage/mo. No limit on bandwidth. Most popular host for podcasts. (Birds of a Feather Caution: because your host's domain is used by many other shows within the Internet's very diverse community, your show may be blocked at the domain level in schools. This is a very real problem with libsyn hosted shows. )
• iWeb
• General hosting: Dreamhost & Bluehost. Approx $6 a month with two year purchase.
• GoDaddy
• Wordpress (php) / Podpress (plug-ins)

Resources/Where to learn more [Lucy, Steve, Dan, Ted] [4 mins]
• Including other sessions at NECC
• Premier podcasters at NECC who attendees should know (ex: Bob Sprankle, Gordon Shupe, Jeanne Halderson, Kathy Shirley, David Warlick, Anna Adam & Helen Mowers, Wes Fryer)
• Education Podcast Network (
• Books by our peers: Dan Schmit; Ted Lai, Will Richardson (others?)
• Conference Connections podcast
• iTunes U

Wrapup [Larry] [2 mins]
• Reminder: How to contact Larry for more info
• Revisit wiki after NECC for updated/continuing info